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I’ll be honest, I have been putting off this blog for sometime. I fear of failing..

Isn’t that crazy? It’s my own blog!  I can to write however and whatever I want and I’m still afraid of failing.

I know there are three big reasons why I put things off.

1. Fear of failure.

2. The fear of realizing exactly where I am at, because it might be very far from my goal.

3. It may mean being honest with myself… (GASP) :O

The first one explains itself, you will not ever succeed at something you never try.

The second one on the other hand I have 3 different examples from different angles in my own life how this has played out and what I’ve learned….


I had a goal to run 3 miles.  At one point in my life that goal was achieved and it felt invigorating for me to run those 3 miles daily. Then for some reason I went a period of time without running (I think it became a lower priority and work took over).  Anyway the point is I missed one day which lead to many more days of missing after that. 

I did NOT want to get back out there and see how far I’d drifted from that goal. I didn’t want to know how far the road was to get back to that point.  It was easier to maintain the illusion that I could still run those 3 miles and that’s where I wanted to stay.  I was lying to myself and it made me feel better. But deep down I knew it.

My advice is come to terms with where you are. Whether you are just starting or starting over again, keep the big vision in mind.  Don’t let the distance overwhelm you and make you stagnant or paralyzed. Start small and simply begin again. The journey to your goal is enjoyable and just as important.  There is so much to learn during the journey.

As I’m writing to you all, Im learning these things myself. 🙂 


I love going to church. I love community, but if I don’t keep it priority I miss. Then I end up missing more weekends in a row. Before I know it I turn around and realize I haven’t gone in a month. People will ask “Do you go to church?” To which I quickly reply “Yes! of course I do!!!” Then I realize it was once last month… 

There I go again, lying to myself…it felt better instead of coming to terms and being honest. 

Side note: I know going to church doesn’t make you a christian but it sure helps having community to keep you walking the path God laid out for you. Plus it helps with your personal growth among many more things…


Maybe it is as simple as making a decision about what you’re going to eat. 

Maybe for breakfast you start out very strong and had avocado toast and eggs. MMMM 🙂 

Then for Lunch: Adrenal Fatigue Soup (Here is Ben and I making the soup)

But then… cookies were made…

And you ate 3…

OH NOO! The whole day is ruined and you might as well just eat whatever you want the rest of the night and start over tomorrow!

Don’t write your day off so quickly!  I’ve done that so many times. Each choice is separate. It’s okay you ate 3 cookies! I HOPE THEY WERE GOOD COOKIES! 😀 Just pick a healthier dish for dinner. Don’t beat yourself up and consider it a done game. Give yourself GRACE and LOVE.


When your chasing a big vision don’t let the big picture overwhelm you.

Be honest with yourself about where you’re at. 

Failure is overrated and under looked.  You’re fine! Just keep going. 

Just get out start toward those 3 miles again. 

Connect with church community, trust me its worth it.. (if you need help, please message me.)

Each choice is important but not the end of the world.  Listen to your body, enjoy that cookie and get back on the health train. 

Okay.. so now that I’ve been encouraging myself… I’m going to go walk a block. That’s where I’m at. I’m also 32 weeks pregnant and had my cookies. 😀 

Preg pic.

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