Hello Everyone,

If you are new to the blog I am so happy you found me.  My name is Audrey Castles.

2018 for my husband and I has been filled with many exciting things. But we have also faced one of the hardest times of our lives in January.

My dad, who is my best friend and hero passed away.  We lost him to a culmination of many different health factors.  To be honest I don’t like saying “lost” because he is more found now then he has ever been.  He is now in heaven with our Savior.

He was only 56 and struggled with many health issues closer to his passing.  During the time he was in the hospital he was in a “persistent vegetative state,” meaning he had no reactions or interaction with us that was not reflex.  This made the situation all the more heartbreaking was we discovered he had his first grandson on the way.

I never thought I would be handling funeral arrangements for anyone, much less my dad, at 24 years old!

The emotional pain IS unbearable at times.  But I am determined to make some good come out of it all.  I’m letting it drive me past my fears, learning to no longer sweat the small stuff, love my family even deeper.  Most importantly though is this: whoever crosses my path is important; they are there for a reason.

You see…..

My dad made everyone feel as though they were his best friend through being incredibly “others focused.”  He focused on you, when he met you.  He didn’t care about status quo.  He didn’t care about what you owned or if you had more education or drove a nicer car. He knew what really mattered and lived by it. You never had to question whether he loved you or not. He would just tell you and hold nothing back!  Even if he had just met you. 🙂

This is the man I’m proud to be raised by. He supported me in all my CRAZY DREAMS!

One day when I was younger I woke up and decided I was going to show cattle. Haha. If you know me you know this is pretty funny (I am very much a stereotypical girly girl).  So my dad who, bless his heart….. is very city-like, never missed a beat.

He would take off his nice polished dress shoes and help me scoop poop and clean pens. There was no work beneath him nor did he make anyone feel like he was above them.

Pretty soon, after a lot of self-discovery and coming to terms with the fact that I actually couldn’t stand cows, I decided I wanted to play in the LPGA… While I’m sure my dad was MUCH more excited about this, he supported me all the same. 🙂

He taught me no matter what I desire, to go after it and be ALL THERE!

This brings me to the dream I’ve held for a while and talked about with him.  In his natural fashion he was very supportive.  But I never took the leap while he was still alive. Nutrition is one of my BIGGEST passions.

I put off pursuing it for many reasons:

  1. I thought I had to be perfectly healthy myself to inspire, teach, or share.
  2. It seemed too risky! The fear of not succeeding was much higher because I wanted it so much more than any other professional aspirations in the past. (My husband said “If my dreams don’t scare me, then they aren’t big enough”)
  3. I knew it would take a lot of work, time, and patience, I honestly didn’t even know where to start.

However, my reservations changed after my dad went to be with Jesus, I decided that I’m not waiting any longer! The time is NOW!

I want to help those that are sick like my dad was. I want to help them make changes for their health, so they can spend time with their grandbabies like my dad will never get to.  So they too can know there is an answer for their sickness!  Access to a far better quality of life IS ATTAINABLE.  Jesus came so we could live life to the fullest. The healthier you are the more of yourself you have to give to His calling in your life.  This is why I’m passionate about people’s wellbeing and I want to help!

Like I said, I’m no longer letting this just be a side hobby. I’m letting the loss and hurt drive me to make changes.

This is MY WHY!

So as many of you know this lead me to finally start blogging.  On top of this blog, I also decided to join the Young Living Team.  I was nervous and skeptical at first, knowing MLM’s have a stigma, but I was no longer going to let that stop me from sharing products that I have used personally and in which I believe. These products are helping many people with a variety of ailments and illnesses.

I can’t afford NOT TO share. Reach out to me if you want to know more!

I know my dad would be proud that I’m not waiting any longer and that he is impacting my life straight from Heaven. He always wanted to help people. I know my dad would be so happy to know that his last days on earth made a LEGACY. One of those being HEALTH!


His story continues…and I am beyond proud to share it as his daughter!


Please feel free to share on your choice of social media with the buttons down below. Thank You!


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2 thoughts on “LEAVING A LEGACY

  1. I’m glad I got to know your dad I was like in 6-7th grade when I first met him..and the years of memories we all spent together he was a Great Guy, funny…And a great friend.


    1. Thank You Mary for sharing. 🙂


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