Mask(era)ing Reality


This term definitely has a lot of connotations associated with it.  But whether you are a doctor or believe in alternative medicine, we can all agree on one thing:

They do a lot of damage!

Here is the dictionary definition:

Toxins:  a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

About 3 years ago, I decided having foggy brain, exhaustion, irritability, depression, anxiety, inflammation, and headaches were no longer going to be a part of my future story.

I prayed for direction.  I begged for God to take these illnesses from me. My husband and I diligently sought after God and searched for a cure.

One night I was praying and a book came across my Facebook page as a suggestion.  I decided to look into it and it was about a lady having similar issues.  I felt God was speaking directly to me.  That book was called “The Unveiled Wife” by Jennifer Smith.

What really got my attention though, was not just experiencing similar symptoms that she described in her book.  It had to do with her car!  In the book she spoke about her Red Volkswagen Jetta; the EXACT car Ben and I have to this day (Ben calls the car Merkel …which I think is soooo dorky). It seems like such an innocuous detail, but I truly believe God uses those details to get our attention sometimes.

*For a link to buy the book, see the footnotes below.  This post is not sponsored at all by her book, I just really love it!*

I was cautiously excited.

I showed Ben and he encouraged me to get it right away. Once I got the book I read through it in just one day!  I couldn’t put it down!  I felt there was change coming.

A GOOD change.

In her book, one of the main actions that she took was to remove Parabens from her all of her cosmetic products.  After suffering for YEARS, she almost immediately started to feel changes.

At first I was like “really This is just another one of those holistic books telling me all natural is the only way…”

I researched and it’s one of the toxins in many beauty care products that hasn’t been fully labeled as harmful.  However, there have been studies emerging showing that it is. Some studies are showing it could even be messing with our hormones.

Like we need one more thing going on with our hormones?!?

(When reading the labels on the back it will either say methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and heptylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, and benzylparaben.) I always encourage to do your own research!

I grabbed my purse dumped all my makeup out on the floor in desperation hoping that there would be parabens in my makeup. In ALL of my makeup products there were several different types of parabens in each!!

Sound crazy???

I immediately threw them all away. I slowly built my makeup collection back up. Let me tell you… it was worth it. I didn’t notice huge changes but I noticed slight changes!  I sat there and cried in relief.  I finally had SOMETHING that worked!  I had direction.

It built some crazy momentum in my soul and I immediately began looking at other things I could change.

Later I came across my friends talking about non-toxic cleaning products.  I looked into what that meant.  I thought “surely our cleaning products were okay.”  I mean, they are suppose to get rid of bacteria in our house right??

Come to find out, we were just replacing one bad thing with another that simply smelled a little better.

Shortly afterward, I ordered a whole box full of non-toxic cleaning products!!!  With the win I had just had in my battle with parabens,  I wasn’t going to wait around for this next step.

It took me a while to get on board but once I started seeing slight changes, I wasn’t going back. My skepticism was out the door!

Did you know the average women applies over 300 chemicals EVERY DAY to her body? This does not include all the toxins we are exposing ourselves to through our cleaning products.

I wanted to make a change for me, for my husband and family.

We started eating locally grown produce, cage free eggs, and grass fed beef. A common complaint when it comes to being healthier is “its so expensive!”

Pic 3 Our local Produce Delivery. 🙂 

The investment is worth it.  Each of these items cost more but the investment is going somewhere.  Why not put it towards our health and future?

Be careful not to be overwhelmed as you look around your house and notice toxic things. It was an incremental change for me.  But I encourage you to just start somewhere.  If you need help, contact me!  I love helping others who are wanting to take back their freedom and health!

We can’t find Freedom until we know what we need freedom from. – Monique McLean (Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living)

If you or someone you know needs to hear this, please hit the “share” button on Facebook!

Pic 1 (My third love..after Ben…barely…)

*For more details on her book or to buy a copy, check out her Facebook page at Unveiled Wife*



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