Letter to My Son


So, I’m spending a lot of time home now just embracing this time we have together. Your father is working extra hard for us to have a wonderful, comfortable life. You’re going to be raised by this man whom I have no doubt will teach you well. He is a man of integrity, humility, and a quite inner strength. He loves people so much and He will be such a great father to you.

I’m currently 4.5 weeks away from your due date. We don’t know when you will make your arrival or how but we are so overwhelmed with excitement. We both sit in your nursery to feel close to you. We can’t wait to hear your first cry, and watch you go through all your firsts. I can’t wait to snuggle, kiss, and hold you.

Psalm 139:13-14 New International Version (NIV)

13 For you created my inmost being;

    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

    your works are wonderful,

    I know that full well.

This verse mean more to me now that it ever has before. I’m finally grasping the meaning!

As I have got to watch you over the past 9 months I’m reminded that miracles are REAL. You are made so intricately with a purpose. I have literally got to watch you be knitted together in MY womb. WOW! So much tears of joy. From your little fingers, little toes, and the little Butcher nose you have, we can’t wait to see you. Oh you have my long toes too (sorry) haha.

The first time we heard your heartbeat, I lost my breath and time PAUSED. Your father and I stared at each other captivated by the thumping of your little bitty heart beating 190 bpm. I’m thinking now, “wow that’s a really fast heart rate, he will be excited about everything like his dad.”  haha. Its okay tho, I love that about your dad it makes everything in life a bit brighter.

During worship I feel you kicking around like crazy, so we know you love to worship God! We also know you love rap music thanks to your dad. Last time we listened to rap you were going crazy in the womb again! Your dad was proud due to the fact He likes to think he is “street.” My advice to you is, just let him.

You have an amazing CiCi, Poppy, GiGi and Pops along with many other wonderful people! You will never ever have to wonder if you’re loved. You my miracle child, have prayers surrounding you long before you are even born.

I pray you grow up to be strong and courageous just like your Pops Butcher (My Dad) taught me. When God places big dreams in your heart (which he will, you come from a line of big dreamers) I pray you face the fear BODLY and walk straight through knowing exactly who you are and who guides you!

I pray for you and your future wife. That God is already orchestrating the whole thing. Marriage is a beautiful representation of God and his Bride. I pray you both embrace it and serve each other the way Christ served his church. I learned this from Your CiCi (My Mother In Love) (she prayed for me when your dad was in her womb.) She is so much FUN. You will love spending time with her. She gives the best hugs and she will always make you feel welcomed. Oh, and she is a GREAT cook!

I pray you are GENEROUS like Your GIGI (My Mom). She would literally give her last coat to someone who needed it in the freezing weather. She gives her last of many things and doesn’t hold anything back.

I pray you are LOVING like Your Poppy Castles  (My Father in Love). He has such a loving spirit. Everyone who walks away from a conversation with him feels heard, loved and embraced.

I Love you so much and I know Jesus loves you more. This right here, makes me emotional. I feel like I’m grasping God’s love more and more the longer I get to be your mother. 🙂 I pray there is a passion and fire in your soul for God that can’t be contained. He truly is so good and you have reminded us of that. Your dad and I are already Proud to call you our SON! You are Fierce! You will move mountains! You will make a difference! You already have in our lives. I love you so much my little love.

TO: Titus Charles Castles

Your initials are TCC. Your dad says if you don’t get a scholarship that’s where you’re going for the first two years. That’s okay, I reminded him we did the same. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Letter to My Son

  1. Awww, this was so sweet. It brought up my pregnancy memories and what you two are going through and made me cry. I am so happy for you both. Not long now. Love you Audi, Beth. ( Just wait until the majical moment they put your baby in your arms.) Nothing will ever beat that moment!

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    1. I meant magical, woops.


    2. Woops, I meant magical.


  2. Kathryn Shvorak August 1, 2018 — 4:44 am

    I know nothing is much sweeter more pure of happiness and joy! You will almost not believe that bundle of joy was actually being made inside of you!! Lol you will cry, you will question how am I going to be a mother now to this baby (exp, make bottles l, diapers, when to eat why is the babe crying she on a so forth!) lol but every little moment is so worth Everything. You will definitely have some poopy story’s like I literally have a whole collage in my head for bad and funny incident moments:) God bless you, Brandon and baby Titus in this journey and good luck! Love you girl!


  3. Thank Beth! I’m looking forward to holding our sweet boy.
    Kathryn, I’m sure there will be many stories. Also, Ben said whos brandon? haha


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