Dare to Dream


Boy, have I missed you guys! There has been so much happening here with this Castles Clan. So many things I want to share with ya’ll.

So lets jump right into some inspiration I have had over this past year…

Passions and being a DREAMER. 

Growing up I had nooooo problem dreaming up what I wanted to be. Let me tell you, my dreams were not ordinary. They were wild and “Out” there. Some would say I was a “different” kind of kid. I dreamed up some crazy dreams and believed every minute I could do it and it would happen.

If I worked hard enough and trusted God with the rest, nothing could stop me.

This has been a consistent drive that kept my passion growing more and more as I aged.

Some of my “Childhood” desires (for laughs):

  1. Professional Ice Figure Skater (I hated skating on ice… Well…. I was scared of skating anywhere as a matter of fact)
  2.  Barrel Racer (I had no horses)
  3. Singer/Dancer (I sat and watched videos of concerts for hours and mimicked them, you know the ones that are poorly taped on a VHS. 🙂
  4. An Astronaut. (Lets just sit on this for a minute………… An astronaut. What. In. The. World. I don’t like heights but that didn’t stop me from deciding that I was going to take ALL my family with me. 🙂

I had real and tangible reasons for not being able to complete those dreams, but did that cross my mind at all? NOPE! I believed with every ounce in me there was a way around it.

God asks us to have a childlike faith, and I certainly did.  I think that by extension, we should have a child-like faith in ourselves.  The nothing-is-too-crazy-nothing-is-off-limits attitude in ourselves.  Are we not backed by a nothing-is-too-big-no-dream-off-limits God?

The question is: Why not today? What happened in the now that keeps me (us) from pushing and believing we can do it; when we have ALL the means available? Even when the opportunities are staring us in the face.

Somewhere along the road we started believing it relied soley on us to MAKE things happen. And that is just it. It stopped there. It alllll depended on us.

Passions starts to fade and we become workhorses.

Hear. Me. Out.

You do have to put in the work and be available but this is not just a “Sunday school answer.” It is about getting back to the basics. Getting back to where obstacles didn’t stop us, we just kept pushing towards our passions knowing that no one and nothing can stop the good plan that God has for our lives.

Listen friends. God is working on the other side of these passions He gave us.

It is a freeing feeling to believe it is not all on you. That can be intimidating if it was reality. Thank goodness it is not.

Do the work. Trust that God is working and you don’t have to worry. BELIEVE and dream up crazy things. Don’t let fear keep you from pursing something out of reach.

Start that business. Make that call.  Take that trip. Fly that Plane. (Like my hot hubby in the photo 🙂

People need your hands, your feet, your voice.

My questions for you is: What do you dream to do in life that would require more then you could ask or think? What is stopping you from starting?

Small beginnings are still beginnings….. Lets Soar. 




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